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A sapphire is a stone which comes in various colors. It can be in yellow, blue, pink, violet and white. But the most powerful is the Blue Sapphire. The finest Sapphires are Strong Blue. Wearing a Sapphire as a necklace with the base a Sapphire touching your throat will cure problems related to throat. The value of Sapphire depends upon its size, color and clarity viz. transparency. Of all the White Sapphire is also used as jewelry and is a good substitute of Diamond, taking budget as a constraint. The Blue Sapphire which is a stone of Saturn is known for mass gain. The stone is good for those who lacks concentration in studies and also for those who wants to pursue higher studies. Sapphire when worn has big positive effects such has industrial gains, longevity, marital problems, and also plays an important role in your career. The Blue Colored Sapphire is linked with feelings and emotions.

The Blue Sapphire is the only Gemstone which shows it effects faster than any other Zodiacal Gemstone. It is said to believed that if the Blue Sapphire suits the wearer then he/ she is bound to receive good gains throughout lifetime. It will destroy all the negatives aspects in his/ life viz. diseases, sorrows, financial problems much more. The positive effects of wearing a Blue Sapphire are increase in family income, prosperity, strength, increased life span, gain of property and much more. This Gemstone helps to prevent you from Paralysis, Asthma, and Teeth Problems. The Sapphire is a symbol of Heaven and devotion to God.

About Sapphire
Color: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Violet and White.
Month: September
Zodiac: Leo, Capricorn, Scorpio
Planet: Libra, Aries, Capricorn and Aquarius.
Effects: Monetary Gains, Protection, Spiritual Enhancement
Hardness: 9.0

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