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Opal comes in different variations and colors. Clear Opals or White Colored Opals were used as gazing tools in order to look inward a spiritual mirror. Opals are used for enhancing, good dreams, spiritual journeys. It is also said that a Blue Opal can also open up the Third Eye, improve throat, encourage telepathy etc…Opals can provide positive effects when wore such as creating better imagination, improving intuition power, promoting introspection and much more. Opal Gemstone is good for bestowing beauty, power, increasing financial prospects, gains in business and much more. Opal is also known as the Queen of Gems and carries extra ordinary beauty and charm. The wearer of Opal becomes loving and caring, affectionate.

Opal is kind of an unpredictable stone as it is a symbol of every changing destiny. As per the ancient history, it is said to believe that water, fire and heat are enclosed in an Opal and so it is a remedy for many diseases. Opals helps in healing heart related problems and other diseases. Opals on the other hand increase intuition and promote inspiration.

About Opal
Color: Varied
Month: October
Zodiac: Libra, Taurus
Planet: Sun
Effects: Healing, Love, Monetary Gains, Life Span
Hardness: 5.5 - 6.5

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