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Emerald is a green colored Gemstone. Wearing an Emerald provides with pleasant sight, intake of peaceful vibes and captivates the heart. The Green Colored Emerald is used to negate the negative effects of the planet Mercury. Wearing an Emerald helps in decreasing mental tensions and provides mental peace. This stone is generally worn by teachers, astrologers, doctors, businessmen and engineers. This stone helps in increasing the reasoning process of mind, increases focus and spiritual healing.

The Emerald is a stone of Goddess Venus and was used for preserve Love. It is considered to be the symbol of hope. For those who are in love relations, presenting an Emerald to their loved ones is a symbol of being faithful to each other. The Emerald is used to heal Heart and Heart related problems. Emerald is a stone of harmony and wisdom. Providing your loved ones with an Emerald as gift will bring you closer. This stones provides positive vibes. The stone provides with emotional and spiritual balance. It helps in bringing prosperity and enhances spiritual growth, good vision, memory, faith, love, intelligence, communication skills, happiness and mental peace and much more. This stone is very much known for love and spiritual healing. The Emerald has been known for its aiding fertility, improving eyesight and providing with good intuition power. Wearing an Emerald also helps in getting relieved from mental tension and depression.

About Emerald

Color: Green
Month: May
Zodiac: Gemini, Taurus and Virgo.
Planet: Jupiter, Mercury
Effects: Relaxation, Healing, Improving Concentration, Love, Captivates Heart, Increased Eyesight.
Hardness: 7.5 to 8.0

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